10 Must-Have Outfits for Your Pet

Pet fashion may seem all about the glitz and glam, but some apparel can actually serve a purpose.
By: Chewy.com Product Specialists
Dog in a sweater

Pet clothes. At first glance, most people may think that dressing up a pup is just for fun. And if your dog likes the attention that comes along with strutting his stuff in a new shirt or tie, then the cute factor only gets ramped up from there. Sure, pet fashion may seem all about the glitz and glam, but some pet apparel can actually serve a purpose too. Here are 10 pet clothes and accessories that are both stylish and practical:

A raincoat that keeps your pet’s coat dry. The smell of wet dog is an undeniable odor—one you surely want to avoid. And chances are your pet isn’t a big fan of getting wet in the rain either. That’s where a doggie rain coat comes in handy.

Ethical Pet’s Fashion Lookin' Good Rainy Days Slicker Raincoat

Keep him warm and cozy inside and out. All pups, especially small dogs, seek warm and cozy spots in the cold winter months. Dog coats can help keep away the chill on daily walks and sweaters can add a bit of extra warmth when they’re lounging around the house. Bundle your pup up in a jacket that’s water-resistant when it’s raining or snowing, and when they come back inside, put on a sweater that looks cute and keeps them cozy.

Zack & Zoey Polar Explorer Quilted Thermal Dog Parka

Protect doggie paws from the elements. Whether your pet’s paws encounter hot pavement or icy snow, extreme temperatures can wreak havoc on delicate paws—leaving them vulnerable to crack and split. A pair of shoes can offer a barrier that your dog actually needs to keep his paws protected.

Kurgo Step & Strobe Dog Shoes

Let your pet strut in style. Daily walks are great to help your pet release energy, get exercise and bond with you. So why not dress up this daily endeavor with a stylish outfit that makes a fashion statement? You can make any sidewalk a doggie runway with a leash and matching dress or a tuxedo harness with four interchangeable bow ties.

Doggie Design American River Dog Tux Harness

A look that helps make a big announcement. Some doggie fashion items can help you share good news, like the announcement of a new edition to your pack. A “big sister” tee will look adorable on your pup and let your friends and family in on the excitement.

Gear up for days outdoors. Spending time outside with your pet is sure to make for a good time, whether you’re going on a hike, for a swim or an extra-long walk. Outdoor pet gear like a life jacket can keep your pet safe when by the water and a doggy day pack can keep everything you need, like treats for the day’s adventure, nearby.

Paws Aboard Lifeguard Neoprene Dog Life Jacket

Lighten up sick days. When you think of pet cones, you don’t necessarily think of fashion, but this lion mane cone spiffs up the ordinary e-collar. And its cushiony material is more flexible than the average cone given at the vet, so your recuperating pooch can be more comfortable.

the Alfie Pet Recovery Collar for Dogs & Cats

Whether your pet is bound for a big event, going for a swim or just needs a little extra help staying warm, pet apparel can help keep your pet comfy. Looking cute is just an added benefit!