Pets have a way of becoming an integral part of our lives and our culture—and we want to celebrate them every step of the way. These stories showcase pet photographers, cat and dog social media stars, and incredible animal-themed memes. You’ll also find must-read books, inspiring pet-centric movies, and profiles on animal-loving celebrities.
Actress Carla Jiminez
Actress Carla Jimenez on Rescuing Cats and Finding the Perfect Pet
'The Mick' star is mama to felines Joey and Max.
Aly Semigran
Actor Liev Schreiber
Liev Schreiber Adopts Two Displaced Hurricane Harvey Dogs
A big talent with an even bigger heart.
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Dog in a sweater
10 Must-Have Outfits for Your Pet
Pet fashion may seem all about the glitz and glam, but some apparel can actually serve a purpose. Product Specialists
Pudge at CatCon
CatCon 2017: Feline and Human Celebs Make for a Memorable Event
Get the highlights from this year's convention.
Aly Semigran
comic book canines
9 Comic Book Dogs You Need to Know
Batman’s got nothing on these superhero pups.
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