Baltimore Ravens' Ronnie Stanley Opens Up About His Adopted Pit Bull

The rookie football star adores his rescue dog Lola
By: Aly Semigran

Ronnie Stanley, the offensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens is just as much a superstar off the field as he is on.

The Ravens rookie is using his time in the spotlight to be an advocate for dogs, and it all started with his adopted Pit Bull, Lola. 

In a new clip for PETA, Stanley talks about how he always wanted to adopt an older dog who may have had a rough start at life and deserved a second chance at health and happiness.

“I felt like that was just helping the cause more,” Stanley says, as he plays in his yard with his beautiful dog. 

Stanley recalls meeting Lola, and realizing she was the perfect canine for him. “She’s super excited for you to come home and she definitely has a strong bond. She likes to be protected and…feel loved. She likes to know people are there for her.” 

Well, Stanley is definitely there for his fur baby, and he hopes he can inspire others to do the same for dogs just like Lola. 

In the minute-long video, he also opens up about why he encourages others to adopt, and to spay and neuter their pets. 

But it’s not just the adorable footage of the football star being sweet and playful with his pup that will stick with you—it’s his message about people who mistreat animals. 

“Is that how they would want to be treated if it was the other way around?” Stanley points out in the PETA short. “Look at all forms of life with respect and treat them with dignity.”