Hunter Rescues 20 Puppies He Found Abandoned in a Field

Volunteers rally to care for cold and hungry puppies.
By: Deidre Grieves
Abandoned puppies saved.

When hunter Greg Zubiak marched through a field in Saskatchewan, Canada, he hoped to find some big game animals. Instead, he stumbled upon 20 puppies who were abandoned and left to die.

According to CBC News, Zubiak found the puppies in a box. He said that if they had been left alone any longer, they likely would have been dinner for hungry coyotes or foxes.

The hunter peeled off some of his clothing and wrapped the dogs up. He made a makeshift bed in the back of his pickup truck and drove them to the Battleford Humane Society. Although the shelter was nearly full with other animals, volunteers accepted the puppies and got to work feeding, bathing and caring for them.

Volunteer Michelle Spark said that the influx of so many puppies was overwhelming at first. The dogs had lice and fleas. They were hungry and cold. But all the puppies are expected to make a full recovery and become available for adoption from Battleford or other shelters in Canada.

The shelter is looking for donations of food and is asking for more volunteers to devote their time to care for the new additions. Pilots from Pilots N Paws offered to help transport the puppies to other shelters if needed.

It is unclear who left the puppies in the field, but it appears that they are from different litters. The shelter believes the puppies include Husky mixes, Retriever/Shepherd mixes and Collie mixes, according to its Facebook page.