Pet People

It’s time to recognize the people who devote their lives to making the world a better place for animals. These are the people who put pets first. Whether they’re starting animal charities, rescuing pets from shelters, or using their star statuses to raise awareness and dog good, these individuals deserve to be admired.
The women of New River Humane Society.
These 5 Women Are Saving the Animals of Southern West Virginia
Meet the women who have transformed the lives of local animals at the New River Humane Society.
Tom Gerencer
Peru street dog
These Groups Are on a Mission to Save Peru’s Street Dogs
Giving Peru's stray dogs a chance at a better life.
Ralph Quinonez
Dog in high chair
Meet Tink, the Dog Who Uses a High Chair to Eat
How her loving family is giving her the boost she needs.
Aly Semigran
Harley the therapy dog
Meet Harley, the Blind Therapy Dog Who Gives Kids Hope
Harley doesn't need sight to bring smiles.
Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell
Sita the play therapy dog
Inside Life of a Play Therapy Dog
Sita helps children and adults process their feelings through activity.
Stacia Friedman