Video: Firefighter Saves Dog from Frozen Creek

A moment of true heroism caught on camera.
By: Aly Semigran

As the cold weather approaches, an incredible video out of Canada serves as a stark reminder to keep pets at a safe distance when they are near bodies of water.

On November 28, the Swift Current Fire Department was called to a creek in Saskatchewan where a dog had fallen through a patch of thin ice and needed rescuing.

According to their Facebook page, the canine’s owner “allowed their dog to run off leash when it ventured out onto the ice and fell through.”

Thanks to the quick action of the firefighters, the dog was pulled out of the cold water and back to dry land.

In the heart-stopping clip, a firefighter is tethered as he crawls on the ice to the dog in distress.

Even as the thin ice cracks beneath him, the firefighter manages to pull the dog out of the water and back to safety, where fellow rescuers get him away from the creek and wrap him in a warm blanket.

While this dog and his owners were very lucky, Fire Chief Denis M. Pilon urged pets and children stay away from bodies of water in the winter.

According to the Government of Saskatchewan’s website, “ice does not freeze at a uniform thickness and its strength can vary by area.” It also warns residents to “should avoid ice that is slushy in appearance, has thawed and re-frozen or is near moving water.”

Image via Swift Current Fire Department Facebook