Pit Bull Showers Rescuers With Kisses After Being Saved From Giant Trash Pile

Watch rescuers save a Pit Bull from piles of trash.
By: Deidre Grieves

Rescuing a scared, stray dog is hard enough. But rescuing a scared, stray dog from the top of a gigantic trash pile is another story entirely.

That’s the challenge Hope for Paws’ Eldad Hagar was recently faced with at a waste management facility in Los Angeles.

Hagar received a call from recycling center about a Pit Bull that had wandered into the plant. The dog was hiding in a huge mound of material when Hagar and members of LA Animal Rescue arrived on the scene.

Workers used dozers and cranes to clear a path for Hagar, but as soon as the rescuer got close to the dog, he began to climb over the trash pile and run away. For two days the dog eluded rescue workers and proceeded to hide in the heap of rubble at the recycling center.

Eventually, Hagar trapped the dog inside a gated area and spent over 30 minutes trying to calm the scared dog down. After growling and showing his teeth, the Pit Bull eventually warmed up to Hagar and understood that there wasn’t any danger. After several attempts, the dog eventually let Hagar put a leash over him and lead him to the car. The team decided to name the dog Thor.

After receiving a bath and medical care, Thor quickly got used to human company. In no time, he was showering Hagar with kisses. Hope for Paws hopes to find Thor a loving forever home.

Check out the incredible rescue in the video below: