Orlando Bloom Rescues Injured Dog From the Streets

This Hollywood hunk's latest actions show how much he cares.
By: Aly Semigran
Actor Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom is a Hollywood heartthrob, but for animal lovers everywhere, he’s now solidified his status as number one crush.

Recently, the actor—who is currently filming a movie in China—came across a badly injured dog on the streets of Shanghai.

The bona fide dog lover (he has a cuddly canine named Sidi), couldn’t help but do the right thing when he saw the hurt pup. Bloom rescued the dog and took her to get the urgent care she needed. 

Documenting the entire thing in an Instagram story, Bloom showed his fans his initial meeting with the dog (which he captioned, “This lil girl” with a broken heart emoji) to their trip to the vet. At the vet the pup was cleaned up and put on bed rest. 

The snippets show that Bloom was there every step of the way, from making sure the dog’s water wasn’t too hot for a bath, to assuring her she’s a “good girl.” 

You can watch the Instagram story here, and forever cement your status as Orlando Bloom’s biggest fan. 

Image via Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com