Gut Wrenching Photo of Senior Dog Abandoned at Shelter Leads to Second Chance

See how one rescue stepped in to help an abandoned dog.
By: Deidre Grieves
Dessie was left behind

After living with a family for 14 years, Dessie the dog was abandoned outside of a Miami Dade animal shelter. According to NBC 6 South Florida, Dessie was tied outside, and her former owners simply walked away.

But someone snapped a heartbreaking photo of the dog, which has since gone viral and may be Dessie’s saving grace for a chance at a new home.

Since Miami Dade does practice euthanasia procedures, Dessie’s chances of leaving the shelter alive were slim. Her age likely would have put her at high risk for death row. But when foster and rescue group A Way For a Stray saw the photo, they knew they had to step in to save the elderly dog.

Lyndsey Gurowitz-Furman, a member of the rescue group, told reporters that Dessie’s situation is extremely sad. “Imagine living with someone for 14 years and all of a sudden they abandon you. That’s exactly what happened,” she said. 

(Dessie after her bath and vet visit)

Gurowitz-Furman and her team picked up Dessie from the Miami Dade shelter and took her for a vet visit. The exam revealed that Dessie is healthy for an older dog. She had an ear infection and she’s deaf, but her heart, bones and internal organs are all in good shape. The group also gave Dessie a bath and cleaned her up before sending her to a caring foster home. 

A Way for a Stray will now work on finding Dessie a loving home where she can enjoy all the time she has left—a home where her new owners will love her unconditionally and never give her up. Because that’s what Dessie deserves. That’s what all senior dogs abandoned at shelters deserve.

Images: A Way for a Stray via Facebook