Abused Puppy That Was Thrown Into Canal Makes a Dramatic Recovery

Watch the dramatic and heartbreaking rescue.
By: Deidre Grieves

WARNING: The video above contains some disturbing and graphic content that some may find difficult to watch. Please be warned. We assure you that Jordan is now happy and healthy following this dramatic rescue.

Eldad Hagar’s rescue videos are difficult to watch. They show the committed animal activist saving dogs from horrible circumstances. All of the videos tug at the heartstrings and many of them cause viewers to well up with tears. But the latest rescue from Hope for Paws is one that will make you feel a range of emotions—from extreme anger to unbelievable hope.

Hagar received a call from LA on Cloud9, a nonprofit organization that provides meals and clothing to homeless people and animals. The group had spotted a severely injured puppy in a canal in Los Angeles and asked Hagar to help rescue the dog.

When Hagar and his team arrived on the scene, the situation was worse than he could have imagined. The dog, who rescuers named Jordan, showed traumatic signs of abuse. The most gruesome and heartbreaking discovery was that someone had cut off the dog’s back leg, leaving him in severe pain.

Hagar scooped up the puppy, put him in a basket, and pulled him out of the 30-foot ravine. Then Hagar rushed Jordan to the animal hospital and stayed by his side as veterinarians worked to save his life. After surgeries, a blood transfusion and lots of careful care, Jordan was ready to go home with his foster parent Lisa Chiarelli.

With the love and attention that he deserves, Jordan thrived in his new setting. The puppy quickly learned how to walk, run and play with just three legs. He had a new senior dog to have fun with, and a foster mom who showered him with toys, and treats and lots of hugs and kisses.

Though the video of Jordan’s dramatic rescue is hard to watch, Hagar believes that people need to understand the abuse that animals endure every day so that they can support rescue efforts. In a comment on the Huffington Post, Hagar writes, “I usually avoid showing the rough stuff I am dealing with, but this story had to be told. We are working with the police on this case, but at the same time I am trying to look at the bigger picture here. I am hoping Jordan will inspire millions to be strong, and to never give up when things are rough.”

Hagar and his team at Hope for Paws plan on working to find Jordan a forever home where he can put the horrors of his past behind him and live a life full of happiness and love.

To donate to Hope for Paws rescue efforts, click here.

Images: Screen capture via YouTube / Courtesy Hope for Paws