11 Puppies Rescued from Major Storm in the Nick of Time

A dozen reasons to be grateful for rescuers.
By: Aly Semigran
Rescued puppy

On July 11, the Michigan Humane Society received a call that 12 stray dogs, 11 puppies and their mama, were hiding in a hole in a backyard in Detroit.

With thunderstorms and flash-flood warnings on the horizon, it was imperative to coax the protective dog out of her hiding spot in order to rescue her babies.

Lead by rescuer Chris Ouwererk, the Michigan Humane Society (MHS) began their rescue efforts as the rain already started to come down.


While the mama dog was reluctant to come out at first, rescuers moved ahead with rescuing the 5-week-old puppies, and within a half hour, Ouwererk and his colleagues got all of the puppies to higher ground. (Their mother finally emerged from the hole about an hour after the efforts began.)

The amazing rescue mission was broadcast on Facebook Live and has reached over one million people globally since its broadcast, says Kathy Bilitzke of MHS.

The puppies and their mother were taken to the shelter, given all their vaccinations, and within about three weeks, they will be available for adoption. (Applications are currently being accepted for the dogs by MHS.)


Until then, MHS has been sharing updates of the new internet celebs, including a video of the pups and their mom playing and cuddling comfortably at the shelter.

Images via Michigan Humane Society