Pet Rescue Stories

When animals are in danger, they can’t call out for help. But thanks to the tireless work of animal rescue advocates and emergency responders, the lives of dogs and cats are saved every single day. These uplifting animal rescue stories show how pets overcome abuse, neglect, and scary situations and go on to lives of hope and happiness.
Cali at home
How Love, and a Stroller, Helped One Dog Come out of Her Shell
The East Bay SPCA staff never imagined how far they’d go to help Cali adjust to her surroundings.
Christina Chan
Max and Quackers
Friends for Life: A Duck and a Dog Charm Residents in a Small Town
Max and Quackers are the very best pals.
Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell
Firefighter saving dog
Video: Firefighter Saves Dog from Frozen Creek
A moment of true heroism caught on camera.
Aly Semigran
Lucky the dog
A Miraculous Rescue: Divers Pull Dog From Caribbean Sea
This guy was named Lucky for a reason.
Aly Semigran