Severely Abused Dog Has Physical Scars but an Open Heart

They don't call him Dwayne 'The Rock' for nothing.
By: Aly Semigran
Dwayne 'The Rock' dog

In a shocking and heartbreaking case of abuse and neglect that the staff at the Helen Woodward Animal Center called one of the worst they’d ever seen, a two-year-old Pointer mix endured horrific mistreatment that left him with a deformed mouth, front right leg and elbow, skin and coat.

The pup, who was rescued by the animal center located in Rancho Santa Fe, California, experienced unthinkable torture living on the streets of Tijuana, Mexico, from physical abuse by his former owner (who had bound his mouth with a crude wire-muzzle), the locals (who threw scalding hot water and stones at him) and other street dogs who attacked him at his weakest.

Despite his unbearably terrible start to life, this amazing canine still manages to have a kind heart and a loving disposition towards everyone he encounters.

In a press release from the Helen Woodward Animal Center, the staff announced that, because of his awe-inspiring attitude towards life, they’ve named the dog Dwayne ‘The Rock’ (after the actor) and that they are determined to give him the life he so richly deserves.

Because of the urgent, difficult and costly care he requires, several shelters turned down helping the dog, but the folks at the Helen Woodward Animal Center refused to turn him away.

“This beautiful dog took all the despicable abuse and neglect man can show to an animal and still he wouldn’t turn on mankind,” said the non-profit’s president and CEO Mike Arms. “Helping animals like this is at the heart of Helen Woodward Animal Center. This is what we stand for and we’ll do everything we can to care for him and protect him.”

With that dedication, the staff at the facility are doing everything they can to help Dwayne ‘The Rock’s long road to recovery, including raising money to aid with his medical care.

Specialists will repair his severely malformed front leg and elbow and a facial reconstruction surgery is being scheduled to repair the extreme mutilation of his nose and mouth, according to the press release.

For the time being, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ is living in a safe, friendly foster home until he is rehabilitated and ready to be put up for adoption. We have a feeling his thousands of adoring fans will be waiting with open arms to give him his loving forever home.

Image via Helen Woodward Animal Center

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