Pit Bull Puppy Adopted by the Firefighter Who Saved Him

Titus survived against all odds and was given a brand new life.
By: Aly Semigran
Dog and firefighters

On August 4, firefighters from the City of Newburgh Fire Department in New York were called to a blaze in a three-story building. As they worked to put out the fire, they learned that there were two puppies trapped inside.

Despite their best efforts to revive him, the first puppy they found in building could not be revived, Lt. Timothy Dexter says.

Determined to save the life of the other, the firefighters went back into the building to find the second Pit Bull puppy, who they discovered hiding under a bed in the very room that was on fire.

Once outside, Dexter and his coworker, firefighter Jimmy Moore, did everything they could to help the puppy, who was on fire when he was found. The team wet the puppy down and gave him oxygen.

Dexter recalls that the puppy, named Titus, was badly burned, and couldn’t sit or stand.


But little Titus is a fighter, and he survived his near-death ordeal. He was taken to Middlehope Veterinary Hospital to receive follow-up care and treatment for his injuries.

Dr. Richard Solomons of Middlehope Veterinary Hospital says that Titus had large burn wounds on his back, head, ears and face when he arrived at the hospital but has been recovering well since his rescue.

“He takes medication each day to help with pain and to prevent his wounds from getting infected,” he says. “We see him three times a week for cold laser therapy, which helps his tissue heal and regrow and provides pain relief.”

Solomons says that despite his trauma, Titus is a happy and playful puppy.

“Each time we see him, he comes in wagging his tail,” he says. “He’s so friendly and playful, loves to eat cookies and gives kisses to all of our staff members.”

Best of all, Titus has since been adopted by none other than one of his rescuers: firefighter Jimmy Moore.

Titus and his brother were meant to be sold and the people who had him no longer wanted him, so Moore, who had been wanting a buddy of his own, decided to give Titus the loving home he deserves.

Since then, Titus has been living with his new family and Dexter, along with other firefighters in the department, have been lending a hand to help the pup get on his feet.


As Titus racks up medical bills, his community has also been doing its part to help, with a local organization called Mutts and Muscles throwing a fundraiser for him. People have also been sending dog food and other necessities to their firehouse, Dexter says.

This isn’t the first time the firefighters of Newburgh Fire Department have done the right thing when it comes to taking care of a dog in need.

The station’s very own dog, a Pit Bull named Nick, was found tied to a fire hydrant last year. After his rescue by the department, he became a permanent member of the firefighter family.

As Chief Terry Ahlers puts it, “Our guys care about all lives, no matter how many feet or paws are attached … they go above and beyond.”

Images via City of Newburgh Fire Department Facebook; Middlehope Veterinary Hospital