It's a Date: These Senior Dogs and Cats Get Their Very Own Prom

With animals in need, love is always in the air.
By: Aly Semigran
Pet prom

It’s that magical time of year we all remember far too well: prom season. The corsages, the limo rides, the awkward slow dances. Whether or not you have fond memories of your own prom, one prom story this year is bound to make your heart skip a beat.

To celebrate this time of year, the Pennsylvania SPCA is holding their own kind of senior prom.


“The PSPCA is hosting a Senior Prom promotion to help the shelter’s senior and long-term residents graduate into the next phase of their lives – forever homes,” the organization said in a Facebook post, complete with prom photos of PSPCA staff members posing with their favorite resident cats and dogs.

“We had some photos taken in a prom photo setting by a volunteer, and a second set of photos taken outside the PSPCA facility by a staff member,” says Gillian Kocher of the PSPCA.

A volunteer made all of the outfits and collars for the participating dogs and cats, who are putting on their best duds (and best smiles) to win over the hearts of potential adopters.


There are more than 50 animals participating in this year’s prom (the first prom-themed event held by the PSCPA).

During the event, which began on Saturday, May 6 and will last for the rest of the month, all adoption fees for the cats and dogs featured have been reduced by 50 percent.

“We think that senior pets make wonderful additions to the family for so many reasons,” Kocher says. “While many of the animals are still active, they are often calmer. These animals have so much left to give in their lives!”

Sounds like the perfect partner to us.

Images via Pennsylvania SPCA