Disabled Dachshund Competes in Annual Race Wins Over Entire Universe

See how 'Anderson Pooper' wins over crowd.
By: Deidre Grieves

Disabled dogs may require special attention, but if the right families care for them, these dogs can do anything. And one disabled Dachshund named Anderson Pooper is living her life as if she doesn’t have any sort of handicap.

Anderson Pooper is unable to use her back legs, but she gets around with a set of wheels. Her injury hasn’t stopped her from doing normal dog activities such as running. In fact, Pooper is a racing star.

The adorable wiener dog from Seattle recently competed in the 18th Annual Wiener Dog Races at Emerald Downs racetrack. She was the only cart dog to compete in the competition, but the spunky pooch had plenty of support from friends and fans on her big day.

When released at the starting line by her pet parent, Anderson Pooper slowly and steadily trotted down the track—making an adorable beeline for her mom who was waiting for her at the finish line.

The crowd cheered the Dachshund on as she happily scampered to the finish. Roars of “Come on A-Poop” and “Go Pooper!” helped to spur the little dog on.

While Anderson Pooper didn’t officially take first place in the race, she proved to everyone that even dogs with disabilities are winners—and she melted everyone’s hearts in the process.

Image: Animals With Disabilities via Facebook