Dachshund Stuck in Tree Trunk Rescued by Firefighter

Find out how Rocco found himself in this curious spot.
By: Aly Semigran
Dachshund stuck in tree

After a curious Dachshund named Rocco discovered a groundhog hole, he soon stumbled upon a whole new predicament: getting stuck in a tree trunk. 

According to the Kentucky State Police Facebook page, on June 2, two off-duty troopers heard a dog barking in a nearby wooded area and, after searching, they found the poor pup trapped inside of a tree (we know dogs like to bark, but Rocco was really taking it to the next level).

The officers then called upon the local Salem Fire Department to help out.

AOL.com reports that, “firefighter [Daniel Newcomb] busted out [a] chainsaw and cut an opening in the tree so that little Rocco could get out safely and be returned to his owner.”

Not only did that maneuver help get Rocco free and home safely, but it made the hole big enough to ensure that other tiny creatures don’t get wedged inside ever again.

Image via Kentucky State Police Facebook