Blind Kitten Finds Seeing Eye Cat Companion at Shelter

Rescued kittens become fast friends.
By: PawCulture Editors
Jett and Celica

She was just 5 months old when found cowering under an abandoned rusty Toyota in Redwood City, California.

The kitten had no food. No water. No mother. No love.

And no eyesight, having been born blind.

A Good Samaritan brought her to the Nine Lives Cat Shelter, where shelter staff named her Celica – after the car model she used as an excuse for a home.

There, she received expert care from shelter staff – and something else thanks to Jett, another kitten brought to the no-kill shelter the same day as Celica.

The two quickly bonded, with Jett acting as a “seeing eye cat” for sightless Celica.

“Initially, the beautiful black kitten stayed away from the other cats, as is frequently the case with a new arrival. However, this changed when Celica was placed in the same living space with him,” shelter volunteer Joe Fama recalls in the San Francisco Chronicle.

“The little male immediately approached the blind kitten and snuggled against her. In the days that followed, the two became inseparable as Jett became not only Celica’s companion but her ‘eyes’ as well.

“Volunteers who worked with Celica were touched by the sweet, affectionate little cat who loved laps and perching on shoulders and, despite her blindness, displayed the typical playful behavior of a curious kitten,” Fama adds. “Both soon became favorites of the Nine Lives staff and volunteers.”

It gets even better: After learning of the story of Celica and Jett on social media, a Sacramento woman adopted the bonded pair together so they can continue their inspiring partnership.

Photo: SFGate