This Rescue Dog's Amazing 'Resume' Helped Her Get Adopted

This one goes to the top of the pile.
By: Aly Semigran
Mowgli the dog

Meet Mowgli, a 4-year-old German Shepherd mix who has traveled the world. From the streets of Rwanda to the beaches of Santa Barbara, this incredible, globe-trotting dog has quite the canine resume. 

So it was only fitting that Mowgli’s first owner, Kelsey Finnegan, spread the word about this amazing pup by having a friend write a hilarious and heartfelt “resume” about her in order to help her get adopted. 

Finnegan, who lived in Rwanda for four years while working for a non-profit, met Mowgli during her time there and fell in love, adopting the pup when she was just a month old. 

“Mowgli and I went through a lot together,” Finnegan says, “She’s very much an adventure dog who gives incredible upside down hugs.” 

Upon her return to the United States this year, Finnegan brought Mowgli with her to continue give her the life she deserved. 

Unfortunately, since Finnegan’s career path doesn’t allow her to stay in one place and Mowgli doesn’t get along well with cats (she lived with Finnegan’s parents in California for a bit, but it wasn’t a good match with their feline), Finnegan realized the pup would need a more permanent home that was better suited for her. 

Finnegan recruited a friend to help pen a resume (pictured below), detailing all of Mowgli’s amazing accomplishments and general good dog-ness. 

From the hilarious “skills” section (which includes being multi-lingual in English, Spanish, borking, and sniffing) to her previous positions as Village Celebrity turned Professional Couch Potato and, eventually, Certified Running Partner, the resume is as irresistible as Mowgli herself.

The clever flyer worked, which came as no surprise to Finnegan.

“Everyone who meets Mowgli absolutely loves her,” she says, adding that a close friend and her husband offered to welcome Mowgli into their dog-friendly house in Manhattan Beach. 

While Finnegan says that Mowgli will always be her baby and plans to visit her as much as possible, she’s thrilled to give the dog a more suitable home. 

Mowgli’s resume is far from complete, but Finnegan continues to be amazed by how much she’s seen and done in her young life already. 

“My old roommates that I lived with in Rwanda joke that Mowgli has made it further than any of us,” she says. “When we moved to America she had never walked on stairs, been to the ocean or seen a squirrel—now she’s basically living the California dream.” 


Images via Kelsey Finnegan