More to Love: Mr. Handsome, a Husky Feline, Gets Adopted

This cat is going from fat to famous to fit in record time.
By: Aly Semigran
Mr. Handsome the cat

They didn’t name him Mr. Handsome for nothing.

When a 31-pound cat arrived at the Chatham County Animal Shelter in Pittsboro, North Carolina in July, he turned a lot of heads.

The cat, who was brought in as a stray and wasn’t reclaimed by his former owners, became something of an internet superstar during his time at the shelter, thanks to his husky frame and adorable disposition.

When the shelter posted their first picture of the hefty feline, Mr. Handsome quickly went viral, racking up Facebook likes for the Chatham County Animal Shelter as well as major interest in his adoption.

“Something like this has never happened here before,” shelter attendant Ginny Jenrette says of their famous feline. “It got a little crazy.”

The shelter, however, had some requirements for their newfound famous friend, who loved napping in their break room’s cabinet (“he can barely fit in there,” they shared in a Facebook post).


The shelter wanted to make sure Mr. Handsome went to a home that would put him on a veterinary-recommended diet to help get him to a healthier weight and keep his blood work up to date to make sure he didn’t have any weight-related health issues (obesity in pets can lead to diabetes, liver disease and osteoarthritis, among other risks).

After lots of interest from the public, Mr. Handsome was adopted by Fayetteville-resident Angela Frazee and her family.

Jenrette says the Frazee family is a perfect fit for Mr. Handsome because they’ve taken care of special-needs and overweight pets before, helping them get to a healthier weight and lifestyle.

Since taking in Mr. Handsome, who dropped an impressive three pounds during his time at the shelter, his new owners have said that he’s doing very well and has shed an additional pound.

Jenrette hopes that Mr. Handsome’s story not only inspires people to adopt shelter pets, but to always keep their pets in good shape and consult with their veterinarian regarding any diet plans their cat or dog may need.

Images via Chatham County Animal Shelter

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