Magic of Dogs

The bond between dogs and humans is unbreakable. Dogs shape our stories, lift our spirits, and enrich our lives. This canine-inspired essay series “Magic of Dogs” includes reflections and anecdotes about the ways dogs inspire and teach us every, single day. These dog essays will make you laugh and cry—and prompt you to hug your very best friend.
The author with Silver her dog.
Life with Silver, the Sled Dog Who Raised Me
Silver was with me through my awkward teenage years and gave me the motivation to start (and end) my career as a dogsled racer.
Lindsay VanSomeren
Robert and Ranger
Road Tripping with Ranger: How One Dog Is Helping Heal a Broken Heart
After my mom died, I was worried how my step father would manage. What I didn't count on was his dog, Ranger.
Cheryl Lock
Ginger at home
What My Dog’s Devastating Illness Taught Me About Strength
Ginger's disease has transformed me into a more resilient person.
Shelby Deering
Bela the dog
The Craziest Thing I Ever Bought My Dog? A Car
I wanted to give Béla the world. So, I bought her a car.
Kelly Green
Kelly and Zooey
5 Things I’ve Learned Living with a Blind Dog
Zooey's life changed overnight, but that doesn’t mean he’s stopped enjoying it.
Kelly Gartner