Magic of Dogs

The bond between dogs and humans is unbreakable. Dogs shape our stories, lift our spirits, and enrich our lives. This canine-inspired essay series “Magic of Dogs” includes reflections and anecdotes about the ways dogs inspire and teach us every, single day. These dog essays will make you laugh and cry—and prompt you to hug your very best friend.
Little Harry and Big Harry
When Harry Met Harry: How Finding a Friend Changed My Dog
Through Harry's friendship with our neighbor dog, I knew we were going to be okay.
Rachel Schinderman
Pixie the Jack Russell Terrier
Remembering Pixie, the Ghost-Hunting Jack Russell Terrier
Pixie found that others may walk among us, unseen by human eyes.
Kathy Blumenstock
The author with her dog and boyfriend
Let’s Take Home the Ewok: The Rescue Pup Who Saved My Family
Adopting a dog in the middle of a relationship crisis isn’t the most responsible decision, but it ended up being the best one we ever made.
Deanna deBara
The author and her guide dog
My Pal, Croche: Remembering My First Guide Dog
With Croche by my side, I showed the world what I could do.
Kerry Kijewski
Author with her puppy
How My First Puppy Helped Me Make a Decision About Kids
Training Rocky was like raising 10 dogs in one.
Nicole Pajer