Magic of Cats

With their clever ways and unique personalities, cats lift our spirits and enrich our lives. These powerful essays include reflections and anecdotes about the ways cats inspire us, teach us and make us laugh.
Stray cat
My Three Strays: Learning to Love Feral Cats on Their Terms
In order to appreciate their beauty, I had to get to know my strays on their own terms.
Jen Bryant
Cat sleeping on lap
My Cat Is My Life Partner, and I’ll Have to Say Goodbye Soon
Zola is my oldest friend. And that means she won’t be around much longer.
Joelle Renstrom
Orphaned kitten
How My Peru Vacation Turned into a Kitten Rescue Mission
Finding Munay on the streets turned our Machu Picchu trip upside down.
Hannah Shaw
Garfield the feral cat
How Our Tough Feral Cat Became the Best Kitten Caretaker
Garfield's turn from colony cat king to loving kitten caretaker was nothing short of a minor miracle.
Kathleen Walls
Cat with fleas
The Battle of Us vs. Fleas
How we saved Taft, our home and ourselves from an epic flea infestation.
Brett Paesel