Tiny Puppy Barks at His Hiccups to Scare Them Away

This puppy wins at trying to get rid of hiccups.
By: Deidre Grieves

We’ve all had hiccups, and every person has a different way of trying to get rid of them. We hold our breath, drink water, and ask our friends to scare us silly. But this adorable puppy decides that growling at his hiccups is the best way to make them go away.

When Buck, a Texas Heeler puppy, came down with a case of the annoying involuntary contractions, he takes matters into his own paws.

But Buck doesn’t swallow a spoonful of sugar or say the word “pineapple” (come on people, does that really work?). Instead, he starts barking at his hiccups, as if he’s warning them to go away—or else.

At first, Buck tries to startle his hiccups with a quiet, little growl. But when they don’t subside, the cute Heeler begins barking at the top of his lungs. That will teach those hiccups to stay away!