This Cat Simply Will Not Let This Kid Do His Homework

We feel your pain, dude.
By: Aly Semigran

Whether you’re deeply immersed in a book or working diligently on your laptop, it’s of no mind or matter to your cat.

In fact, they’ll wedge themselves right between you and the very thing you’re focusing on with that feline attitude we all know so well.

One kid has learned this very harsh truth as his own kitty has, time and time again, foiled his plans to get his homework done.

The clip, which was uploaded by China’s People’s Daily, is a compilation of all the times a little boy tried to do his homework at his desk, only to have his curious cat sit on his books and nuzzle him for affection.

Hilariously relatable for anyone with a cat, you’ll instantly recognize that moment when you realize your well-meaning feline couldn’t be more in the way if they tried.

This cute kiddo has some pretty impressive patience for the situation at hand. Give him an A.