Cat Will Do Anything to Get His Human to Pet Him

This feline is determined to get attention from his pet parent.
By: Deidre Grieves

Cats are stereotypically less affectionate than dogs. Canines jump on our laps, nudge our hands and roll over happily when we give in and start petting them. Cats are usually a little more distant. They might rub against your leg, but they spend most of their time lounging on window ledges or perched on cat trees, and less time cuddling with their human companions.

But this cat isn’t like most other cats. This kitty doesn’t just crave affection—he demands it.

In a video posted to YouTube, a man appears to be attempting to do work or use the computer, with his cat sitting by his side. The cat initially nudges the man’s arm in a subtle way that says, “Hey, I’m here. Pay attention to me.” The man gives in and lovingly pets the cat and tousles the feline’s fur.

But when the man returns to work, the cat’s actions get bolder—and more adorable. After gazing at the man with an affectionate look in his eyes, the cat gently, softly reaches up and runs his paw against the man’s face. This results in another head scratch for the persistent kitty.

When tenderly touching the man’s face no longer gives the cat the result he is looking for, the adoring feline simply rests his head on his human’s shoulder and looks up with those big yellow eyes full of love. If that doesn’t make your heart explode, you might not have a heart.