Adorable Kitten Tries to Make a Game Out of Bath Time - PawCulture

Mama cat is not amused.
By: Samantha Drake

Any mother knows that getting something done with a kid underfoot can be difficult, if not impossible.

In this video, a mama cat gets down to the business of bathing, as her kitten watches her movements closely and adorably tries to copy her. Getting clean is clearly not the baby’s first priority as she attempts to follow along. With no siblings in sight, this kitten just wants to have fun.

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But having the short attention span of a baby, the kitten tires of her mimicking game and starts clamoring for her mother’s attention. You can almost hear the kitten’s frustration with her mother.

However, the mama cat will have none of it. Instead, the kitten gets a brief, stern look from her patient but annoyed mother, who then returns to washing herself.

Finally finished with her own bath, the tortoiseshell-and-white mama cat turns her attention to her tiny look-alike. She pins her wayward kitten down and delivers a tongue-lashing. Naturally, the kitten now squirms under her mother’s ministrations. When her mother decides bath time is over, the cute kitten escapes and sets her sights on investigating the camera.

Screen capture via YouTube