Bark Week: Dogs Get Into the Spirit of #SharkWeek on Instagram

Paws meets 'Jaws'!
By: Aly Semigran
Dog dressed as shark

The ever-so-popular block of summer TV programming known as Shark Week may make you afraid to go in the water, but we found something that may soothe that fear. In fact, it’s pretty darn adorable.  

Dogs on Instagram are getting into the spirit of the fan-favorite Shark Week by dressing up and splashing around in their best shark-inspired outfits. 

Whether they’re playing in to pool or glued to the TV, these fin-wearing pups are truly the very best thing about this week. (Sorry, actual sharks!) 


Ah yes, the adorable shark-dog in it’s natural habitat: the beach. 

Credit: @narcosis27


If a land shark appears at your door this week, don’t fret, it might just be the lovely Lilly. Let her in. 

Credit: @lboroush


Don’t look now, but there’s a sharkdog coming straight for you! His name is Aris, and he’s a Very Good Shark Boy. 

Credit: @aris_the_golden


Lena the Dach-shark-shund is totally unfazed by the pair of chompers circling behind her. 

Credit: @lenapup15 


Lurking in the deep end of the pool … look out! It’s Nile the Frenchie! 

Credit: @nilethefrenchie


We’ve all heard of couch surfing, but what about the elusive couch-sharking? 

Credit: @mellysdavis

Deck shark dog

Have you ever seen a happier shark-dog in all your life than Aspen the Boston Terrier? Yeah, we haven’t either. 



Part-dog, part-shark, part-pirate: completely pawesome. 

Credit: @couchputatoes


Look, we understand the risks involved in cuddling with a shark, but we’re willing to take our chances here. 

Credit: @danielle.hawthorne


Cue the ‘Jaws’ theme because we’re gonna need a bigger boat to handle all this cuteness. 

Credit: @hhils

Images via Instagram