17 Dogs Who Have Mastered the Art of the Underbite

We’re so glad these pups decided against braces.
By: Monica Weymouth

There’s nothing cuter than doggie underbites. Irresistibly adorable, they make smiles brighter and pouts sillier—and they never fail to make us laugh. We’re so glad these handsome pups decided against braces!

Lulu the dog

When you have a smile like Lulu’s, you don’t need much else.

Credit: @bigcitylulu

Chupa the dog

This is the face Chupa makes when you interrupt his nap. Do not interrupt Chupa’s nap.

Credit: @chupathechihuahua

Count the dog

Fact: when you have underbite fangs, your human will dress you up like a vampire.

Credit: @thecreepycount

Chewie the dog

Chewie, we have to wonder: is it tiring being this adorable?

Credit: @chewiethechi

Bucky the dog

When puppy eyes meet underbites: behold, the face of a dog who has never heard the word “no.”

Credit: @camilleleigh

Toby the dog

Toby positively slays on school picture day.

Credit: @tobysmilez

Grumpy dog

Who isn’t impressed? This guy isn’t impressed—not one bit.

Credit: @perkyballs

Daisy dog

“What are you looking at? Do I have something on my face? Hmm?”

Credit: @crazy_mz_daisy

Badger the dog

Badger has a patent on his innocent “Who? Me?” face.

Credit: @spooky_toenail

Neni the dog

Neni’s #flawless selfie game is second to none.

Credit: @neni_chihuahua

Hercules the dog

Something tells us that these adorable guys are about to get a taste of whatever mom is eating.

Credit: @hello_i_am_hercules

Morty the dog

After putting his handsome mug on Tinder, Morty is a very in-demand dinner date.

Credit: @mortalicious10

Fluffy dog

Adorable pup, or fashionable faux-fur pillow? Either way, it’s cuddle time.

Credit: @curiositykilledthecat

Thor the dog

To date, not one person has been able to resist giving Thor a treat.

Credit: @thorsybear

Syler the dog

Syler likes to accessorize his dashing underbite with a red bowtie and sporty vest.

Credit: @woofparade

Maizey the dog

Maizey can’t help but be adorable when grumping about her new hat.

Credit: @maizey_moops

Dog wearing antlers

When your mom makes you try on your new present and you just know she’s going to share it on Facebook.

Credit: @sojuhaleclyde