15 Reasons Your Dog Should Wear a Bow Tie

Your dog belongs in a bow tie. Trust us.
By: Monica Weymouth

Some things were simply meant to be together. Peanut butter found its match with jelly. Movies aren’t the same without popcorn. Batman does his best work alongside Robin. And your pup, as it turns out, belongs in a bow tie. Don’t believe us? Here are 15 reasons to invest in some doggie formal wear.

Thor the Pomeranian

Exhibit A: Thor.

Credit: @thor.pompom

Diego the Daschund

A modeling contract is almost a given. Can we talk about this jawline? Flawless, Diego—simply flawless.

Credit: @theminidachshund

Louis the Frenchie

Numerous peer-reviewed studies have proven that there is nothing more adorable than a Frenchie in a bow tie. Nothing.

Credit: @louisthefrenchiee

Augustus the Frenchie

Meet Augustus, coauthor of the aforementioned Frenchie study.

Credit: @itsauggiethedoggie

Goku the Pomeranian

Anything that results in this photo has to be a good idea. More bow ties, please.

Credit: @goku_the_eskie

Dapper dog in bow tie

Did you ever wish you could talk to your dog? We’re not saying it’ll happen—just that when your dog is wearing a bow tie, anything is possible.

Credit: @mostdapperdog

Indy the poodle

Nothing compliments a great haircut like a great bow tie.

Credit: @indythestandardpoodle

Clyde the dog

Even the most adorable of pups experience a seemingly impossible 50 percent increase in squeal-worthy cuteness when equipped with a bow tie.

Credit: @littlebonnieandclyde

Flynn the poodle

Ever since donning a bow tie, Flynn and his human have enjoyed complimentary first-class upgrades on every flight.

Credit: @flynnthespoodle

Daschunds in bowties

The bow tie market is incredibly strong. Triple your investment and you’ll immediately triple your returns.

Credit: @pups5thave

Niko the Westie

Westie, or distinguished business associate? With the proper bow tie, you’ll never have to worry about sneaking your pup into a hotel again.

Credit: @niko_the_westie

Bruggs bowties

Because seriously, look at this face. Look at it!

Credit: @bruggsbowties

Cuddlebugg dog

As every publicist knows, inviting this guy to the opening party guarantees a shout-out in the society column.

Credit: @cuddlebuggetsy

Chihuahuas in bow ties

Try as they might, even grumpy Chihuahuas will eventually give into the magnetic charms of the bow tie.

Credit: @handmadebydanasol

Hamilton the dog

Step 1: Casually slip a photo of this guy into your Tinder profile. Step 2: Sit back and wait for the dates to pour in.

Credit: @hamiltonbarkley

Cat in bow tie

Disclaimer: the above bow tie claims have not been studied on cats. Outfit your cat at your own risk.

Credit: @thefoldlife