15 Pups Who Are Super Pumped for March Madness

These pups are ready to hit the court.
By: John Plichter

March has finally arrived, bringing with it another year of NCAA March Madness. While the annual tournament is traditionally known for bringing excitement to college campuses across the country, our four-legged friends want in on the action, too. Here are 15 dogs who prove basketball isn’t just for humans:

Clifford the dog

Clifford’s been waiting patiently for the tournament all year.

Credit: Clifford_the_small_red_dog

K9 the dog

K9 still has a hard time remembering to keep your eyes on the ball.

Credit: dvdandk9

Pope the dog

Pope, on the other hand, has the vision of a seasoned pro.

Credit: eschlake

Bodie the dog

Bodie understands the importance of time of possession.

Credit: bodietheluvbug

Mabel the dog

So does Mabel, although her appetite sometimes gets her in trouble.

Credit: insta.mabel

Bunsen the dog

We’re still not sure how Bunsen got the nickname Mad Dog …

Credit: notcolloquial

Josie the dog

Josie plays with just as much intensity, but leaves it all on the court.

Credit: lukegolesh

Willow the dog

Every team member brings something different to the game. Willow leads the league in assists …

Credit: sword.d

Trina the bulldog

Trina’s defensive skills are absolutely unrivaled …

Credit: trinathebaddestbully

Yogi the dog

Yogi’s jump shot racks up multiple threes every night …

Credit: yogitheweedog

Eevee the dog

Eevee’s making a HUGE push for rookie of the year …

Credit: eeveeshibainu

Myles the dog

And Myles is a straight-up dunking powerhouse!

Credit: amatterofmannersdogtraining

Vida the dog

Whether you’re a cheerleader …

Credit: vida_bean

Eevee the dog2

Or a spectator …

Credit: eevee_ryu

Barli the dog

March Madness is anything but deflating.

Credit: barli_the_bavarian