15 Puggle Faces That Will Make Your Heart Melt

Can you name anything cuter than a Puggle? Yeah, didn't think so.
By: John Plichter

Few combinations have come close to equaling the awesomeness that is the Puggle. Wine and cheese? Maybe. Peanut butter and jelly? Perhaps. While the debate rages on, here are 15 Puggle faces that will make your heart melt:

Maisy the Puggle

Sometimes Maisy stops and wonders: am I an adorable Puggle, or the most adorable Puggle?

Credit: @_beccadunlop

Norman the Puggle

Norman dreams of one day joining the highway patrol.

Credit: @normanthepuggle

Kirk the Puggle

Kirk has obviously mastered the selfie.

Credit: @kirkthepuggle

Pippa the Puggle

Ever the life of the party, Pippa celebrated her 6th birthday in style.

Credit: @roscoeandpippa

Leroux the Puggle

Leroux has never been one to keep a low profile.

Credit: @sepollack

Gruffalo the Puggle

Gruffalo’s secret weapon? Puggle puppy eyes.

Credit: @harryahh

Rocket the Puggle

If this photo of Rocket in a field doesn’t make your day, we can’t help you.

Credit: @rocketandscooter

Holly the Puggle

OK, Holly, five more minutes …

Credit: @holly_pugtastic

Minnie the Puggle

Minnie has never been denied another treat. Can you guess why?

Credit: @puggleminnie

Maisie the Puggle

Did someone need a Puggle snuggle? Have no fear, Maisie is on it.

Credit: @maisiepuggle

Bella the Puggle

Which way to the beach? Bella spent all winter getting her bikini body ready.

Credit: @sisterpuggles

Champ the Puggle

For Champ, every day is Independence Day.

Credit: @champ_the_puggle

Draper the Puggle

That face you make when you hear word “vet.”

Credit: @rose_pug

Harley the Puggle

Harley was treated like the princess she is on her 11th birthday.

Credit: @puggleinthepark

Dexter the Puggle

Dexter’s ready to make it rain!

Credit: @wilkey30