15 Dogs Who Really, Really Want To Be Friends With Cats

Unfortunately, these cats have other plans.
By: Monica Weymouth

Unfortunately, these cats have other plans.

Chester the dog and cat

Upon examining their selfie, Chester Chewsday realized that the relationship might be a little one-sided.

Credit: @thegehrmanns

Mason the dog and Patrick the cat

Mason tried using his corgi super-charms on Patrick. As you can see, Patrick was unimpressed.

Credit: @mason_the_corgi

Zelda the dog

“Just one hug. That’s all I ask. One hug and I’ll go back to my cushion. No one has to know.”

Credit: @zeldagriffon

Buddy the dog

Young Buddy learned his place in the pecking order at a very early age.

Credit: @magic_et_miumiu

Nico the dog

Nico has never played it cool. Not once.

Credit: @atenasthesmileypit

Sadie the dog

Sadie is taking things one step at a time—which is one step too many for KittyGirl.

Credit: @sadielabeaux

Sebastian the dog

“What? The cat asked for a hug. I love hugs. Hugging is the best.”

Credit: @ida.s_yoga

Ruby the dog

Someday, Ruby will get her wish and be big spoon. Today is not that day.

Credit: @kimgosling14

Misty the dog

Misty thinks they’re playing hide-and-seek. Squiddy thinks Misty should learn how to take a hint.  

Credit: @misty_the_cattle_pup

Luna the dog

Admittedly, personal space has never been Luna’s specialty.

Credit: @woofnfloof

Otis and Mr. Bean

Otis and Mr. Bean are best friends. But sometimes, a pug has to be put in his place.

Credit: @bean8306

Rocco the dog

“Have you met my best friend?! Sometimes he arches his back like this—so silly!”

Credit: @schmanika

Yorkie dog with kitten

“This is my kitten. All mine. Move along, please.”

Credit: @meemestheass

Murph the dog

Moments after this photo was taken, Murph learned what happens when you attempt to power snuggle a cat.

Credit: @monicaweymouth

Mason the corgi

Mason continues his quest to achieve reciprocated cat friendship. We salute you, brave little buddy.

Credit: @mason_the_corgi