15 Awesome Albino Pets

No pigment? No problem!
By: Monica Weymouth

It’s hard to pull off head-to-toe white—especially after Labor Day. But albino pets do it with serious style.

Albinism is a genetic condition characterized by a lack of pigment, occurring in humans, animals, and even plants. While many albino pets are perfectly healthy—and all are perfectly adorable—light sensitivity is common, and some dogs experience hearing loss and vision problems. For this reason, it is not considered ethical to breed albino dogs, and many are rescues.

Although albino pets are rare, their fans are plentiful. Here are just a few winning hearts on Instagram.


Why is Omen’s smile so big? His mama rescued him all the way from Egypt, and now he spends his days snuggling in Brooklyn.

Credit: @omenthebaladi

Wanna cuddle? Mochi the albino hedgie is anything but prickly.

Credit: @hedgehogmochi


Pubby isn’t quite a unicorn, but he is a rescued albino Corgi mix—so we’ll count it.

Credit: @chubbypubby


Albinism affects ferrets’ fur—but not their winning sense of humor.

Credit: @tukutukus


Big hair, bigger smile: Easton the albino Pomeranian kindly invites you to get on his level.

Credit: @baby__easton

Brothers from another mother: Yeti the albino Maltese and Silky the cat.

Credit: @tinam830


Oliver has a busy day of being adorable ahead of him. But first, coffee.

Credit: @oliver_the_luck_dragon

When he really wants his eyes to pop, Flynn wears a blue tie—it’s a little trick he picked up from Zac Efron.

Credit: @themartinezcats


Momo is an albino lionhead bunny. America, you are welcome.

Credit: @amhfurbabies


Stop showing off, Olaf.

Credit: @olaf_thebunbun


Emmy’s been making this face since being rescued. Right back at ya, girl.

Credit: @ttt_photographyy


Albino Pekingese, or an alien sent to Earth to learn our ways and steal our hearts? We’re onto you, Gizmo.

Credit: @valeriejeannep

Smile if you’re a very good boy with a very cute face!

Credit: @mercelange


Well hello, glamour puss. Phoebe is the Elizabeth Taylor of Instagram cats.

Credit: @alidaromiciandcats


It’s not easy being this ridiculously good looking, but somebody has to do it.

Credit: @drunklingduck