13 Pets Daring to Wear White After Labor Day

A fashion fur-pas?
By: Aly Semigran

Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day? (Well, aside from every fashion magazine ever.) These pets are breaking with convention and rocking these fashion fur-ward choices long after the holiday weekend.


With an eye-catching red leash as the ultimate accessory, this dog knows that one daring pop of color is all you ever really need.

Credit: @saylorinthecity


What’s black and white and cute all over? This pup!

Credit: @thesethreepups


Sure, we’re talking about white fur, but it’s all about those baby blues here.

Credit: @goodcharlottethehusky


This kitty is so confident in her post-Labor Day white shoes (Okay, fine, paws), she’s going to simply bask in the late summer sun.

Credit: @daniellenewby


This floofer looks a little bit guilty for wearing white after Labor Day (on his booper, no less), but even Anna Wintour could forgive that face.

Credit: @squish_the_corg


Say “Cheeeeeeeeese!” This bold fashion risk-taker is ready for the cover of a magazine, if you ask us.

Credit: @doobie_mc


This dog not only thinks white should be worn year-round, but that BBQ-friendly foods shouldn’t be retired after the summer, either.

Credit: @cooperthepoundpuppy


Rocking that white coat….All. Year. Long. Deal with it, haters.

Credit: @oscarwilddog


These doggies are keeping their pearlies white, too. Trendsetters and they’re smart about their dental health.

Credit: @chessandmikado_shiba


This pupper heard what you said about his post-Labor Day fashion choices, and he is not happy about. (Okay, he’s still pretty happy.)

Credit: Scott Moore Facebook


This regal beauty sends tongues wagging, and not just in early September.

Credit: @buckythepup


Are you really gonna be the one to tell this fierce feline she can’t mix white with her leopard print ensemble? Yeah, we didn’t think so.

Credit: @strykertheserval


When you’ve got that summer-is-forever attitude, does it really matter what you’re wearing? Exactly.

Credit: @bruno_therescuedog

Additional reporting by Kelly Quay