12 Dogs That Look Like Halloween Costumes

No need to dress up—these pups were born ready for October 31.
By: Monica Weymouth

“What is your dog being for Halloween?” This might have been a ridiculous question at one time, but these days, October 31 belongs to the pups.

Not since middle school has picking out a costume been so much fun, with four-legged get-ups getting cuter and cuter every year.

However, these pups didn’t really have a choice—they wear their costumes all year long. From Trump lookalikes to vampire Puggles, they were born ready for trick-or-treating.


You’re a cute one, Mr. Grinch. With some truly epic Resting Grump Face, our man Neil is a dead ringer for the infamous Christmas thief.

Credit: @neilpatbg


Orange hue? Check. Huuuuge combover? Check. This good boy is ready to #MakeHalloweenGreatAgain.

Credit: @crazysibelady


Darla has the answer to a very important question: what would Donald Trump look like if he was actually just a Brussels Griffon?

Credit: @darla.griffon


With ears for days and teeth to match, Charlotte is a Halloween twofer: the vampire bat!

Credit: @charlotteslablife


In a galaxy far, far away, Chewey the Wookie won every single costume contest.

Credit: @chewey1406


Levi has a set of fangs that would make Drac himself jealous.

Credit: @chugalonglevi


Adorable, Jeter is! The force is clearly with this little Yoda.

Credit: @mrbabyjetes


Aw, Bruce! When we said you looked like a cow, we meant it as a compliment!

Credit: @brucedogthepitbull


With a mane like this, our man Yogi doesn’t need to waste money on a lion costume.

Credit: @mryogichow


Allegedly, Stitchwas an alien. But we’re beginning to think the little rascal was actually a Frenchie.

Credit: @johyr


Cocoa and Hershey claim to be Shih Tzus—but we know an Ewok when we see one.

Credit: @shihtzu_sisters


Thanks to “Game Of Thrones,” Bishop the “direwolf” will never need a costume again. Now if we could only find a Jon Snow lookalike…

Credit: @acharmedwoof