Shake It Aw: Taylor Swift Fan Dresses Foster Cats up like the Pop Star

Look what you made her do.
By: Aly Semigran
Taylor Swift kittens

Taylor Swift and kitties go together like, well …Taylor Swift and kitties.

So a Oregon-based fan definitely had the right idea when she decided to put these two things together for some inspired Instagram and Tumblr entries.

Jessica, a bona fide T-Swift admirer, is also a foster mom to five adorable kittens named Pinto, Luna, Jelly, Dobby, Garbanzo, and Chili. According to her Tumblr account, she’s been taking care of the cats since they were just three days old.


In mid-September, Jessica started posting photos of the kittens dressed up as various versions of Taylor Swift, from her iconic videos such as “Shake It Off” and “Look What You Made Me Do,” to her awards show appearances.


Jessica tells her followers that she made all of the cat costumes herself, and the hard work has paid off: Swift herself liked the kitties and their inspired garb on Tumblr.

See? It pays to be a cat lady, whether you’re Taylor Swift or one of her fans.


Images via @wahinepunk