7 Curly Selkirk Rex Cats You've Gotta See

We're a little jealous of their natural perms, tbh.
By: Aly Semigran

Anyone with straight hair knows how enviable naturally curly hair can be. (You mean you don’t have to pay for it to look like that?!)

That means that the popular Selkirk Rex cat is, no doubt, the most envied breed in the kitty kingdom, thanks to their oh-so-curly fur.

Whether you’re looking for your own inspiration (hey, nothing wrong with bringing a picture of a cat to your hairdresser) or simply want to admire their coifs, you’ve simply got to see some of the most fabulous Selkirk Rex cats we found on Instagram.


The only thing cuddlier than a floofer cat, is an extra curly floofer cat. 

Credit: @gattacanne


We believe Tyra Banks refers to this as “smizing” and if you had a a fierce coat like this, you would, too. 

Credit: @kimphomaniac


Who says men with curly chest hair still can’t be smoldering? I mean, look at Smudge the Selkirk Rex/British Shorthair/Ragdoll mix working it!

Credit: @areltyphotography


Annie better watch out: there’s a new curly redheaded icon in town, and it’s Tarzan the cat. 

Credit: @tarzan_ginger_cat

Curly hair is so versatile, you can wear it up (in a tree) or down (hey, kitty get down from there)!

Credit: @annesoalice


Mark our words: Wotsit the Selkirk Rex is gonna bring crimped hair back. 

Credit: @wotsit.the.great


Fine, fine, you don’t need to get your hair crimped if you don’t want. Your natural waves are gorgeous as is. No need to hide. 

Credit: @kirstengorter