21 Orange Cats Being Their Best Orange Selves

This one goes out to all the gingers.
By: Monica Weymouth

First, a disclaimer: All cats are great cats. Tortie and calico, black and gray, marmalade and cream—we love them all. That said, as anyone who ever had the pleasure of knowing a ginger will tell you, there’s something special about orange cats. From cuddle-bugs to trouble-makers, Persians to Bengals, we’re smitten with these orange kittens.

Kitty the cat

You have a problem, you speak to Kitty. Kitty runs the show.

Credit: @phillypaws

Cupcake and buttercup cats

Congrats to Cupcake and Buttercup, who recently earned their Master’s in Snuggle Studies.

Credit: @thecatcups

Simba the bengal cat

Even as a kitten, Simba knew she was destined for Bengal greatness.

Credit: @simbathebengal2015

Olive the cat

Can we talk about this face, Olive? Because it just may be The Best Face Ever.

Credit: @olivegingernut

Pooh Bear the cat

Move over, Zoolander—Orange Steel has arrived, and it is #fierce.

Credit: @garfailedkitty

Bella the cat

Ever humble, Bella is practicing her “Who, me?!” face for awards season.

Credit: @bella_the_ginger_cat

City the cat

As an orange cat with thumbs, City is well on his way to world domination.

Credit: @citythekitty

Mona the cat

Mona has no problem making new friends …

Credit: @monathearchitect

Mona the cat2

… As in, no problem. Mona honey, we hope you broke things off with your Boxer buddy before jumping into bed with this handsome devil.

Credit: @monathearchitect

Three orange cats

The only thing better than an orange cat waiting to greet you at the door? Three orange cats waiting to greet you at the door.

Credit: @casadigatti


Supercat gladly accepted his mission: Find the laser pointer, kill the laser pointer.

Credit: @cocobear_babybutt

Ginger cat party

Ain’t no party like a ginger cat party.

Credit: @midnight_violets

Haggis the cat

Haggis #wokeuplikethis.

Credit: @haggis_houston

Chester the cat

Breakfast with Chester is the most important meal of the day.

Credit: @sweet_vegan_life

Toby the cat

The Great Sphinx has nothing on Toby—nothing.

Credit: @the_sweet_life_of_toby

Cardigan the kitten

Warning: Stare into Cardigan McNab’s big kitten eyes too long, and he’ll steal your heart.

Credit: @cardiganmcnab

Axel the cat

Department of Living Your Best Life.

Credit: @axel_z_cat

Leo the cat

Leo and his friends bring a whole new meaning to #squadgoals.

Credit: @keepingupwithleisho

Weasley kittens

Sometimes, your best friend literally has your back.

Credit: @weasleykittens

Archie the cat

Look for Archie on the next season of  “America’s Next Top Model.”

Credit: @approvedbyarchie

Bandit the cat

Bandit searched far and wide for a cat as handsome as himself. So far, so good.

Credit: @the_kitty_bandit