16 Smarty-Pants Cats

All that curiosity paid off for these witty kitties.
By: Monica Weymouth

It’s no secret that cats think they’re the smartest creatures in the room. Usually they convey this with a knowing smirk and saucy saunter, but every once in awhile they feel the need to rub it in. From the stylishly bespectacled to the seriously studious, these cats are quite the smarty-pants.

Cat with book

Brains and beauty—our friend Jonesy is the full package.

Credit: @jonesyycat

Cat wearing glasses

“Oh come now, you can’t be serious—‘Infinite Jest’ is clearly Wallace’s seminal work.”

Credit: @the_alejo

Cat in bookshelf

Meet Jackson, the bestselling author of “How To Own Your Human.”

Credit: @theharmonycat

Two cats in a bookcase

Bonny and Phoebe are always on the lookout for a good weekend read.

Credit: @bonnyandphoebethecats

Kitten with a book and laptop

The minute Oliver finished “Finding Audrey,” it was off to the discussion boards—this was one hot take that couldn’t wait.

Credit: @oliverthaplace

Cat sniffing glasses

After thoroughly examining his human’s new glasses, Sir Milo was pleased—these, indeed, would be great fun to knock off the dresser. 

Credit: @somethingmilo

Cat sitting on top of bookshelf

When you have zero shame about your collection of romance novels.

Credit: @danielax90

Cat in front of books

Willow is writing her senior thesis on the family hamster (spoiler alert: it doesn’t end well for the little dude).

Credit: @troismeowsketeers

Cat laying across newspaper

“Oh, were you reading this? What a pity, truly.”

Credit: @brookdrawh

Cat in front of computer

All-night cram sessions call for the special catnip.

Credit: @jimmholic

Surprised kitten with book

Garfi did not see that plot twist coming.

Caption: @garficatt

Cat with big glasses on

Junior isn’t judging you—he already judged you, and he wasn’t impressed.

Credit: @juniorpopcat

Black cat with book

Although Teddy remains conflicted about Bukowski, he found this particular collection to be unusually inspired.  

Credit: @teddyboysinclair

Bookstore cat

If your bookstore lacks a cat, you’re in the wrong bookstore.

Credit: @venlarossi

Cat sitting in sink wearing glasses

By now, Kiko is used to being the smartest one in the room—but truth be told, it never gets old.

Credit: @kiko_jarvis_tales

Cat annoyed with book

Okay, enough with the books already, human. It’s time for bed.

Credit: @curiousrecluse