15 Cats Who Are Already Breaking Their New Year’s Resolutions

Better luck next year, kitties.
By: Monica Weymouth

Although declared with the best intentions, New Year’s resolutions are made to be broken. Most of us wait until at least February to start skipping the gym and sneaking the cookies. These shameless kitties? They didn’t even make it through the first week of January.

Pitti the kitten

Pitti briefly considered being good this year, but he decided to be adorable instead.

Credit: @pitticat_

Scout the cat
Scout can’t help it. He knows what he likes, and what he likes is clean, warm laundry.

Credit: @scout_the_siberian

Binky the kitten
Once Binky gets this look in his eye, it’s over.

Credit: @binkythebritishcat

Sparta the cat
Sparta knows it, you know it, we all know it: Veggie chips aren’t chips. Hard pass.

Credit: @i_am_sparta_cat

Dutch the cat
Dutch isn’t fat, he’s fluffy, and he intends to stay that way.

Credit: @thedutchcatdoerak

Jaws the cat
The closer you sleep to your candy, the sooner breakfast is ready. Worked at Christmas, still works now.

Credit: @jawsthebritishshorthair

Wilson the cat
Although precious hours were wasted exercising, Wilson comforted himself with the fact there was still an entire year to lounge around in bed.

Credit: @buddabear_wilson

Mathew the cat
Mathew isn’t proud of it, but as it turns out, he needs to sit on the computer.

Credit: @mathew.the.cat

Pablo the cat
Every year, Pablo joins Laser Pointer Addicts Anonymous, and every year he quickly falls off the wagon.

Credit: @pablo_catman

Mishaa the kitten
“Here’s an idea, human: maybe you should resolve to not care about me sitting on the laptop.”

Credit: @kittymishaa

Misia the cat
Misia’s brief experiment with positive thinking yielded few surprises.

Credit: @misia.the.cat

Hugo the cat
Hugo doesn’t want to talk about barre class, OK?

Credit: @diddleydee1

Cat in refrigerator
“Fruits and vegetables? What do I look like, a rabbit? I’m here for the Chinese leftovers, buddy.”

Credit: @billy_patel

Mannie the cat
Mannie’s three favorite words? “Play next episode.” You’re an inspiration to us all, big guy.

Credit: @manniesleeps

Kafka the cat
Houseplants, curtains, and birds: Kafka celebrated the New Year with his favorite vices.

Credit: @kafka.the.kat