15 Cat Camouflage Fails

Psst, psst—we see you, kitties!
By: Monica Weymouth

When they want to be, cats are pretty stealthy creatures, capable of all but vanishing into thin air. But no one is perfect—not even cats—and sometimes they don’t have the energy to truly commit to their hiding spots.

Psst, psst—we see you, kitties!


In reality, Matilda is a rather petite house cat. But in her dreams, she could easily be mistaken for a leopard.

Credit: @charlitt


One of these things is most definitely not like the other.

Credit: @pepper_and_pooter_cats


Gracie was all set to win hide-and-seek, but she went ahead and ruined it with a taunting penalty.

Credit: @cat.hatt


Dad’s camo jacket is perfect for Rhae’s two favorite things: hunting feet and taking naps.

Credit: @elisanuggetc


Rookie kitten mistake: hiding so well you get sat on.

Credit: @slurpee_durpee_doo


Nice try, Catzilla—but with a face like this, blending in is all but impossible.

Credit: @catzilla_the_kat


A true party animal, Scottie figured out a foolproof way to crash weddings and the occasional bat mitzvah.

Credit: @scottsflowersnyc


Calico camo strategy: find a pattern that’s as busy as yours, hope the parakeet isn’t paying too close attention.

Credit: @spade_face


There are two ways to win at hide-and-seek:

 1) Find a great hiding spot.

 2) Stare down seekers until they back away slowly, “forgetting” what they saw.

Credit: @leiakattenz


Finnlay has yet to catch a bird. He blames Mercury in retrograde, and yet …

Credit: @felix_and_finnlay


Mozart gave this whole “hiding” thing a try, then remembered he was beautiful.

Credit: @the_cat_mozart


Do you want to be the one to tell Aurora her camouflage game is weak? Didn’t think so.

Credit: @saruhsmile


Cricket was pleased when he saw the new kitchen counter motif—very, very pleased.

Credit: @ericawalkerjewelry


Ennie has a flair for print mixing—camouflage, maybe not so much.

Credit: @enniethesilvertabby


Next level cat-napping: don’t just sleep on the blanket, be the blanket.

Credit: @bridgitwestbrook