Pachón Navarro Dog Breed

Also known as the double nose dog.
By: PawCulture Editors
Pachón Navarro

About the Pachón Navarro Dog Breed

Perhaps best recognized by its unique double nose, the Pachón Navarro (also called Perdiguero Navarro or Old Spanish Pointer) is a sturdy hunting breed that originated in Spain. It’s known to be both friendly and equally hard-working.

Pachón Navarro Physical Characteristics

Sturdy with a strong square muzzle, the Pachón Navarro may also be recognized by its characteristic double nose.


The Pachón Navarro comes in many colors including tri- or parti-color. The most common combinations include white and orange, white and brown, white and black and white and dark brown, either with or without patches.


Wirehair breed with a harsh, coarse coat.

Pachón Navarro Personality and Temperament

Activity Level



The Pachón Navarro is both quiet and smart, as well as friendly with both humans and other dogs. They are vigorous, hard workers, prone to hunting, especially when paired to work in tandem with their owners.

Things to Consider

The breed can be highly excitable.

Pachón Navarro Care

Ideal Living Conditions

This breed does best in a situation that allows maximum time outdoors to run and explore.

Special Requirements

Easily excitable and bred to hunt, the Pachón Navarro requires lots of daily exercise to stay healthy and sharp.

Pachón Navarro Health

While not all Pachón Navarro have double-noses, some dogs bred for the double-nose develop cleft palates, which can lead to severe breathing and nursing issues.

Pachón Navarro History and Background

The Pachón Navarro originated in Spain in the 13th century and was bred as a hunting dog for small game. It is believed the breed is a mixture between the two most common hunting dogs used in Spain during that time – indigeous mastiff breeds and tracking dogs. They are known to work well in hunting situations by forming a strong bond with their human hunting companions in something that’s often referred to as “intelligent hunting.”

Image via Pointing Dog Blog.