Fila Brasileiro Dog Breed

The Fila Brasileiro was bred to track and herd livestock, and hunt large game.
By: PawCulture Editors
large brindled dog standing

About the Fila Brasileiro Dog Breed

The massive Fila Brasileiro is extremely loyal and easy-going with his family, and a formidable guard dog when the situation warrants. The key to this breed is proper training and socialization as a puppy, with firm and consistent handling.

Fila Brasileiro Physical Characteristics

The large breed is rectangular and compact, but agile. Male Fila Brasileiros can top 100 pounds.


Fila Brasileiros can have solid coats—usually in a shades of fawn—or a brindled coat.


The coat of this breed is smooth, dense and rough to the touch. Fila Brasileiros dogs shed an average amount during warm seasons.

Fila Brasileiro Personality and Temperament

Activity Level



The Fila Brasileiro is a highly loyal and protective companion and guard dog. Despite its massive size and powerful build, the breed is very gentle with the children in its own family and can be tolerant of other pets in the house.

Things to Consider

The Fila Brasileiro has a strong temperament and a mind of its own. Without the proper training and handling, this can manifest as obstinacy, willfulness and aggression in some dogs.

Fila Brasileiro Care

Ideal Living Conditions

Apartment living is not for the Fila Brasileiro. This large breed needs daily walks and room to run in a fenced-in yard.

Special Requirements

The Fila Brasileiro requires proper socialization early in life and an authoritative owner who understands pack dynamics. Dominance issues and aggression will be a problem unless the dog is handled with confidence and consistency.

Fila Brasileiro Health

The Fila Brasileiro is prone to most large-breed health problems, including hip dysplasia and bloat.

Fila Brasileiro History and Background

The Fila Brasileiro was bred to track and herd livestock, and hunt large game. The breed originated in Brazil and its ancestry includes the blood of the English Mastiff, Bloodhound and Bulldog. The Fila Brasileiro’s renowned tracking skills eventually brought the breed to North America and Europe. An old Brazilian proverb, “faithful as a Fila dog” immortalizes the dog’s fierce loyalty.