Bracco Italiano Dog Breed

The Bracco Italiano gets along with other pets and loves to play.
By: PawCulture Editors
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About the Bracco Italiano Dog Breed

The Bracco Italiano is a powerfully built dog known for its elongated flowing trot. The breed originated in Italy as a hunting dog.

Bracco Italiano Physical Characteristics


The breed comes in white, white and chestnut, white and orange and roan.


The breed has a smooth, dense coat that does not require more than a few minutes of brushing each week.

Bracco Italiano Personality and Temperament

Activity Level

The Bracco Italiano must have regular exercise or it will channel its excess energy into rebellious or destructive behavior. If a fenced-in space where the Bracco Italiano can run isn’t available, a long walk will provide adequate exercise. The breed also likes to swim.


Affectionate and loyal, the breed bonds closely with its family and is eager to please. The Bracco Italiano gets along with other pets and loves to play.

Things to Consider

The breed can be quite stubborn and does not respond well to negative reinforcement. But the Bracco Italiano is very trainable using positive reinforcement techniques.

Bracco Italiano Care

Ideal Living Conditions

The Bracco Italiano breed thrives on human companionship and prefers to be with its family as much as possible. The breed also needs daily exercise.

Special Requirements

Bred to hunt, the Bracco Italiano is happiest when it has a job to do. Regular exercise will help keep the breed healthy and happy.

Bracco Italiano Health

The breed is prone to hip and elbow dysplasia. Kidney disease can also be a problem.

Bracco Italiano History and Background

The Bracco Italiano, which means “Italian Pointer” in Italian, originated during the Middle Ages, if not earlier. During the Renaissance, the wealthy Gonzaga and Medici families bred the sought-after Bracco Italiano to be hunters. The breed was developed to drive feathered game into nets and later to be pointer and retrievers, according to the American Kennel Club.