Beauceron Dog Breed

This dog enjoys playing, especially when it comes to competitive activities.
By: PawCulture Editors
Beauceron jumping over a hurdle

About the Beauceron Dog Breed

Originally bred in France, the Beauceron was used to herd and protect large flocks of sheep. The breed is so good at its job that it was known to be able to herd sheep 50 miles a day and not be tired.

Beauceron Physical Characteristics

The Beauceron has a large strong build. Its head is long and its tails are skinny and hooked.


The Beauceron is usually all black with markings of tan, grey or brown.



Beauceron Personality and Temperament

Activity Level



The Beauceron enjoys working and playing, especially when it comes to competitive dog sports. Additionally, it makes for a great protector for the house.

Things to Consider

The Beauceron needs to remain active and busy or it may become frustrated.

Beauceron Care

Ideal Living Conditions

The breed fares well in the city or country.

Special Requirements

The Beauceron requires daily exercise and/or activities.

Beauceron Health

The Beauceron is not more prone to health conditions than any other dog breed.

Beauceron History and Background

The Beauceron is a superb herding breed that is very obedient and excellent at tracking. It is the biggest of the French sheepdogs and is well-known for its obedience. It is a purely French breed whose origin dates back to the late 16th century on the plains of Paris called La Beauce. First used as a farm dog for protecting cattle and sheep, the Beauceron was separated into two working types in 1863: the guard dog and plains flock herder. The long-coated variety were known as Berger de Brie (or Briard) and the short-coated type came to be identified as Berger de Beauce (or Beauceron.)

The first Berger de Beauce was enrolled by the Société Centrale Canine in 1893. It was in 1922 that the first club for this breed was established, but they were not that popular outside of France. Beaucerons were used by the French army during the First and the Second World War, and they continue to serve as police and military dogs, as well as guard dogs for families.

The popularity of the Beauceron began may have begun in France, but it later spread to other regions when an effort was made to preserve the qualities of the native breed in the 1960s. The Beauceron Club of America was established in 1980, and only recently received recognition by the American Kennel Club (as part of the Miscellaneous class in 2001.)