Azawakh Dog Breed

This breed is extremely loyal and affectionate; it also adapts easily to various conditions.
By: PawCulture Editors
Azawakh dog relaxing on a bench

About the Azawakh Dog Breed

Originally bred in the West African countries of Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger, today the Azawakh is considered a terrific family and companion dog as well as a wonderful guardian.

Azawakh Physical Characteristics

With long legs and a fine, lean build, the Azawakh is an elegant sighthound of medium to large size that comes in multiple colors.


The Azawakh may come in any color combination including red, clear sand to fawn, brindled, parti-color, blue, black and brown. 


Short and fine

Azawakh Personality and Temperament

Activity Level

Moderate to high


Known to be extremely loyal and affectionate, the Azawakh also has a sharp temperament and they are wildly protective of their owners and their territory. The breed also adapts easily to various conditions.

Things to Consider

When it comes to strangers, the Azawakh may react as accepting, indifferent or avoidant, or they could be friendly and affectionate. Their fierce loyalty means that immediate socialization will be important to their and your happiness. Any training for the breed should be positive and reward based, as harsh treatments could lead to a dog who mistrusts, fears and is aggressive. Additionally, daily exercise of both the mind and body is important to keep the Azawakh happy and sharp.

Azawakh Care

Ideal Living Conditions

The Azawakh can adapt to apartment life as long as it gets enough daily exercise. Access to at least a small yard is best.

Special Requirements

Some grooming is required and their strong temperament means that obedience and discipline training is a must.

Azawakh Health

No real health concerns are common, and the breed can live up to 12 years when properly exercised.

Azawakh History and Background

The Azawakh was originally the companion of the Tuareg nomads in the sub-Sahelian desert, often times referred to as “Aidi n’Ailluli,” or “Noble Dogs of the Free People.”

The breed made its first appearance in the U.S. in the 1980s, and has become beloved for its strong loyalty to its family. These dogs love to chase, guard and keep company.