Afghan Hound Dog Breed

The Afghan Hound is an ancient breed.
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Adult Afghan Hound Standing

About the Afghan Hound Dog Breed

The Afghan Hound was originally bred and used for hunting dogs. Due to its agility and speed, it accompanied the mounted hunters.

Afghan Hound Physical Characteristics

The Afghan Hound is large in size with a long face, long drooping ears and a long curved, tail. The Afghan Hound is said to have a regal stance, standing tall and proud with a slight bend in the back legs.


The Afghan Hound can be seen in any color; there is no dominant color or pattern.


Long and silky.

Afghan Hound Personality and Temperament

Activity Level

Low to medium


The Afghan Hound is very affectionate and gentle. In fact, it can be easily introduced into a family that already has dogs.

Things to Consider

The Afghan Hound is considered to be an aloof dog by some; consider this before buying or adopting one. It has also been known to have an affinity for chasing cats.

Afghan Hound Care

Ideal Living Conditions

The Afghan Hound fares well in the city or in the country as long as there is room to run.

Special Requirements

The Afghan Hound requires regular grooming and tends to be a challenge to train.

Afghan Hound Health

Thyroid problems and hip dysplasia are commonly seen conditions in the Afghan Hound.

Afghan Hound History and Background

The Afghan Hound is an ancient breed. It belonged to the Middle Eastern sighthounds and its ancestors date back to the time of the Egyptian pharaohs. Initially, the breed was used a coursing hound by nomadic tribes to hunt for meat and hare, with the help of falcons, who swooped down at the prey. Gradually, after several generations on the mountainous lands of Afghanistan, the Afghan Hound developed into a nimble, swift dog with great stamina and leaping ability.

For centuries, the breed was isolated in the Afghan Mountains and was brought to England during the first half of the 20th century. These dogs were originally referred to as Barukhzy Hounds or Persian Greyhounds. Diverse in nature, it was the Zardin variety that eventually became the most favored.

The breed quickly became the prize of the glamour world, and soon became popular in other circles, such as dog shows. The Afghan Hound reach the apex of its popularity in the 1970s but still well known throughout the world.

Afghan Hound National Clubs and/or Organizations

Afghan Hound Club of America, Inc.
10457 W. Liberty Ct.
Beach Park, IL 60099

Afghan Hound Fun Fact(s)

The Afghan Hounds are sometimes referred to as the “King of Dogs”.