Victoria Schade

Victoria Schade
Victoria Schade is a dog trainer, author & speaker who has contributed to The Washington Post, Martha Stewart, and other publications.

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Valentine Dog
8 Fun Ways to Spend Valentine's Day with Your Dog
Because nothing else has our hearts quite like our pups.
Victoria Schade
Puppy potty training
10 Potty Training Mistakes You're Probably Making
Learn how to best navigate the inevitable mishaps.
Victoria Schade
Happy dog at home
6 Household Items That Can Double as Dog Toys
Home is where the dog toys are.
Victoria Schade
Up close photo of a dog
How to Teach Your Dog to ‘Find It’
You’re bound to be amazed by the skills contained within that adorable sniffer.
Victoria Schade
Dog being pet near other dog
Tips for Dealing with Jealousy in Dogs
How to deal with your dog's jealous behavior.
Victoria Schade