Paula Fitzsimmons

Paula Fitzsimmons
Paula Fitzsimmons is a freelance writer and researcher specializing in animal health and welfare, green topics, and science. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin.

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Tabby cat
What Exactly Is a Tabby Cat?
Find out what exactly a tabby cat is and how they get their distinctive pattern.
Paula Fitzsimmons
Slippery Elm for Dogs
Slippery Elm for Dogs: What Is It and Is It Safe?
Find out what veterinarians are saying about slippery elm for dogs.
Paula Fitzsimmons
CBD oil
CBD Oil for Dogs: Can It Help?
What, exactly, is CBD oil?
Paula Fitzsimmons
Dog scratching itself
6 Ways to Kick Your Dog’s Scratching Habit Once and for All
Time to kiss that itchiness goodbye.
Paula Fitzsimmons
Orange and calico cat
Are All Orange Cats Male and All Calico Cats Female?
It all comes down to chromosomes.
Paula Fitzsimmons