Deidre Grieves

Deidre Grieves
Deidre Grieves is the senior content strategist and digital producer for PawCulture and petMD. Wiener dogs are her life.

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Paul Marino tattooing a dog portrait
Watch Pit Bull Advocate Paul Marino Create Incredible Dog Tattoos
Would you get a tattoo of your dog?
Deidre Grieves
Mervin the Chihuahua
At Home With Mervin the Chihuahua
Mervin makes no teeth look good in his NYC home.
Deidre Grieves
Caregiver Canines dog volunteer
This Therapy Dog Program is a Game Changer for Lonely Seniors
Caregiver Canines is bringing joy to the elderly and disabled.
Deidre Grieves
Chloe Kardoggian poses for the camera
At Home With Chloe Kardoggian
This glamorous rescue pup shares a glimpse into her life.
Deidre Grieves
3bulldogges in their living room teepee
At Home With 3bulldogges
Get a glimpse into the cozy, comfortable home of these fun Bullies.
Deidre Grieves